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Osteoporosis: Sorting Fact From Fiction, Focusing on Prevention

Osteoporosis. Your mother may have told you to drink more milk to prevent it. You may associate it with broken bones and, possibly, the actress Sally Field, who has made public her own diagnosis. Often called the silent disease because it often progresses without symptoms until a fracture occurs, osteoporosis affects an estimated 75 million […]

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what is lupus, lupus awareness month, lupus risk

What is Lupus?

May is National Lupus Awareness Month, and the Lupus Foundation of America estimates that 1.5 million Americans and 5 million people worldwide have some form of lupus.[1] Yet, research shows that nearly two-thirds of the public knows little or nothing about this disease.[2] As such, in observance of Lupus Awareness month, we would like to […]

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Doctor checks patient's neck for lumps

Don’t Skip This Screening. An Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Screening Could Save Your Life

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and April 10–16, 2016, is Oral Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week, which are sponsored by the Oral Cancer Foundation and Head and Neck Cancer Alliance, respectively. In 2016, about 48,250 people in the United States will be newly diagnosed with oral cancer—the largest group of cancers that fall […]

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a stethoscope and syringe resting on a flier that says diabetes

What Is Type 2 Diabetes? Am I at Risk?

Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, is a metabolic disorder in which the body doesn’t make enough insulin, is not able to use it effectively or both. [1],[2] (Produced by the pancreas, insulin is a hormone that regulates blood glucose.) Because of this pancreatic dysfunction, people with diabetes have high blood glucose levels—also known as […]

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overhead shot of people in formation to make a set of kidneys

What Do Your Kidneys Do?

We know about things that can go wrong with our kidneys—kidney infections, kidney disease, kidney failure—but have you ever wondered what kidneys actually do and how they work? March is National Kidney Month, and March 10 is World Kidney Day. Both of these observances serve to raise awareness about the importance of kidneys. Understanding how […]

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Image of gloved hands with medical tools putting together a Thyroid puzzle

10 Fast Facts to Help You Get to Know You Thyroid

Do you know your thyroid? You may have heard about this part of your anatomy, but do you know where it is, what it does or why it sometimes acts out? January is Thyroid Awareness Month, a good time to learn about thyroid health and thyroid conditions. As such, we’d like to familiarize you with […]

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Women's Health

Hey, Ladies: It’s Time for A Wellness Exam—May Marks National Women’s Health Week, Checkup Day

See the doctor when you’re healthy. That’s part of the message behind National Women’s Health Week and National Women’s Checkup Day. With its annual health observance, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health strives to “empower women to make their health a priority.”1 In 2015, National Women’s Health Week will […]

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Depression, Aging or Thyroid Disorder? A Basic Guide to Thyroid Gland Conditions

Thyroid function disorder symptoms can be a bit difficult to identify at first. They tend to set in gradually and are often attributed to other health problems, aging or lifestyle. You may be a bit more tired than usual; your memory may suddenly seem poor; you might put on or lose weight or feel especially […]

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Identifying and Getting Help for Domestic Violence

Domestic violence happens today and it happens in all walks of life. Plenty of myths swirl around abuse at the hands of intimate partners. It’s not a thing of the past. Nobody asks for it. It happens to the rich or poor, male or female, and all ethnic backgrounds. While intimate partner violence may occur […]

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5 Tips for Better Colonoscopy Prep

Any procedure that involves examining the large intestine and rectum to ensure they are free of cancerous growths sounds unpleasant. However, it’s not really the colonoscopy we dread. It’s the preparation. Fear prevents 7 out of 10 people age 50 and older from getting this recommended screening, according to a Colon Cancer Alliance survey. Seventy-three […]

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