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The Importance of Vaccination

Report Further Illustrates the Importance of Vaccines

The anti-vaccine movement has gained momentum in recent years, not based on its credibility, but rather because of a few vocal celebrity advocates. This is an unfortunate development. The faulty assumptions and flawed “evidence” that serve as the basis for the anti-vaccine movement threaten to chip away at the vast progress that has been made […]

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Receiving a pneumococcal vaccine.

Got Your Flu Shot? Here’s Another Vaccination to Think About

Each year, various health organizations roll out a series of high-profile campaigns with the mutual cause of promoting the flu vaccine and educating the public on its benefits. These complementary efforts have ramped up in recent weeks, as we continue to approach the arrival of flu season. Our sister site,, recently featured an article […]

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Protect Yourself: Get a Flu Vaccine Before It’s Too Late!

The days are getting shorter. There is a noticeable chill in the air. We are already several weeks into the football season. Like it or not, these developments all indicate Old Man Winter is on his way. In turn, it also means we are rapidly approaching the start of flu season. There is no better […]

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Childhood Immunization Schedules

Whether your kids are infants, toddlers, school age or just about to head to college, they should receive recommended vaccinations as part of their preventive health care. While shots may hurt, they go a long ways in keeping growing children—and those around them—healthy. Immunizations given to U.S. children protect them from more than a dozen […]

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Flu shots

Flu Season Defense Each year as the leaves begin to turn, we start hearing about the seasonal flu. Our health care providers start sending flu shot reminders. The media reports outbreak projections. Educators begin emphasizing hand washing and other habits to prevent spreading germs. Five to 20 percent of the U.S. population gets the seasonal […]

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