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relaxed-looking woman getting a massage, lying face up with a white tropical flower near her neck

Which Type of Massage Should I Get? A Look at 5 Common Modalities

There’s nothing like a good massage to relieve mental and physical stress. But, if you’ve ever gone to book one, you have probably realized that there are several varieties to choose from. What’s the difference between a Swedish massage and a deep tissue massage—aren’t they the same thing? Are the benefits the same no matter […]

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women in a yoga class making a circle with their hands while in child's pose

4 Common Types of Yoga … And 4 of the More Unusual

If you are interested in trying yoga or practicing a new form of it, you have probably realized that the ancient discipline comes in many forms. Many types of yoga common in the United States are rooted in tradition, while others are very modern twists on the classic practice. Classic yoga styles Because these are […]

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What is Ayurvedic Medicine?

Ayurvedic medicine, which is also known as Ayurveda, is credited as being the world’s oldest comprehensive medical system. It originated in India thousands of years ago.1 Estimates vary on its age; some say it’s as much as 6,000 years old. This holistic approach to medicine is said to have been practiced “on the periphery” of […]

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Four Common Meditation Postures—Find a Style that Works for You

Meditation offers many health benefits for the mind and body. It can help increase focus and concentration and aid in stress management, pain management, and even hot flash management. However, the term meditation carries different meanings for different people and can be an intimidating concept. In fact, all it is, according to, is “a […]

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Learn to be still

How many minutes a day do you spend in absolute stillness and silence? For many of us, the answer is zero—unless you count sleep. That means many of us are missing out on the physical and mental benefits meditation provides. According to the 2007 National Health Interview Survey, some 20 million U.S. adults use meditation […]

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Thinking about acupuncture? Read this first!

While you may think of it as an alternative health treatment, acupuncture is considered widely practiced for relief or prevention of pain and for various other health conditions. A report from a Consensus Development Conference on Acupuncture held at the National Institutes of Health declared it so in 1997. A 2007 National Health Interview Survey […]

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