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Sun sick—all about heat illness

Many of us look forward to spending time outdoors in the summer. The seemingly endless activities the season offers can make us feel healthy and happy. However, too much of a good thing and too little attention to our bodies’ signals can result in serious consequences. Sometimes, during prolonged exposure to extreme heat, the body […]

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mental health help, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder; mental health awareness month

Don’t Go It Alone: How to Find Mental Health Help When You Need It

In the United States, 1 in 5 people are affected by a mental health condition.[1] While people don’t get the help they need for mental health conditions, it is important to remember that there is hope and help. Sometimes it can be difficult to realize when you need help for a mental illness. Symptoms may […]

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Osteoporosis: Sorting Fact From Fiction, Focusing on Prevention

Osteoporosis. Your mother may have told you to drink more milk to prevent it. You may associate it with broken bones and, possibly, the actress Sally Field, who has made public her own diagnosis. Often called the silent disease because it often progresses without symptoms until a fracture occurs, osteoporosis affects an estimated 75 million […]

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what is lupus, lupus awareness month, lupus risk

What is Lupus?

May is National Lupus Awareness Month, and the Lupus Foundation of America estimates that 1.5 million Americans and 5 million people worldwide have some form of lupus.[1] Yet, research shows that nearly two-thirds of the public knows little or nothing about this disease.[2] As such, in observance of Lupus Awareness month, we would like to […]

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Doctor checks patient's neck for lumps

Don’t Skip This Screening. An Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Screening Could Save Your Life

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and April 10–16, 2016, is Oral Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week, which are sponsored by the Oral Cancer Foundation and Head and Neck Cancer Alliance, respectively. In 2016, about 48,250 people in the United States will be newly diagnosed with oral cancer—the largest group of cancers that fall […]

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Child facing away from the camera, sitting and hugging a teddy bear

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

In the United States, an estimated 1 in 68 children are born autistic, and the prevalence increased 119.4 percent from 2000 to 2010.[1] As of May 2013, autism spectrum disorder is the term used for all autism disorders, including autistic disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder, pervasive developmental disorder and Asperger syndrome.[2] ASD and its causes have […]

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a stethoscope and syringe resting on a flier that says diabetes

What Is Type 2 Diabetes? Am I at Risk?

Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, is a metabolic disorder in which the body doesn’t make enough insulin, is not able to use it effectively or both. [1],[2] (Produced by the pancreas, insulin is a hormone that regulates blood glucose.) Because of this pancreatic dysfunction, people with diabetes have high blood glucose levels—also known as […]

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overhead shot of people in formation to make a set of kidneys

What Do Your Kidneys Do?

We know about things that can go wrong with our kidneys—kidney infections, kidney disease, kidney failure—but have you ever wondered what kidneys actually do and how they work? March is National Kidney Month, and March 10 is World Kidney Day. Both of these observances serve to raise awareness about the importance of kidneys. Understanding how […]

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relaxed-looking woman getting a massage, lying face up with a white tropical flower near her neck

Which Type of Massage Should I Get? A Look at 5 Common Modalities

There’s nothing like a good massage to relieve mental and physical stress. But, if you’ve ever gone to book one, you have probably realized that there are several varieties to choose from. What’s the difference between a Swedish massage and a deep tissue massage—aren’t they the same thing? Are the benefits the same no matter […]

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women in a yoga class making a circle with their hands while in child's pose

4 Common Types of Yoga … And 4 of the More Unusual

If you are interested in trying yoga or practicing a new form of it, you have probably realized that the ancient discipline comes in many forms. Many types of yoga common in the United States are rooted in tradition, while others are very modern twists on the classic practice. Classic yoga styles Because these are […]

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