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5 Spring Recipes to Satisfy Your Health, Hunger

Springtime can be a great time to switch up your diet. A lot of us gravitate toward comfort food in the colder months, but our tastes often transition with the weather. There’s just something about the season that gets us in the mood for lighter, healthier fare. Here’s a quick round-up of recipes that take […]

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A Healthy Thanksgiving Meal

5 Delicious and Healthy Recipes to Try Out This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday often associated with overindulgence. It is one of the few times each year one can gorge to the point of bursting without feeling guilt. But just because you plan on scarfing down a lot of food next Thursday doesn’t mean every dish on the table has to be a fatty, sodium-packed, […]

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Delicious Autumn Food

5 Sites to Explore for Delicious Autumn Recipes

As the weather gets cooler, a larger portion of our days is being spent indoors. Although few embrace the idea of being cooped up inside, one possible silver lining is having the opportunity to try some new recipes and cook some great meals. Considering autumn is chock-full of wonderful foods unique to the season, there […]

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5 Top Sites for Fresh and Healthy Summer Recipes

Summer means celebrations abound. Celebrations often mean food. We know you want to keep things fresh, healthy and simple. Whether you are hosting a grad party, BBQ, family gathering, a 4th of July affair or an impromptu weeknight cookout with some neighbors, here are five sites worth visiting for nutritional, low-fat summer recipes. 1. Skinnytaste […]

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Three Delicious Recipes for National Salad Month

Many of us tend to put on a few pounds during the winter months, what with the abundance of food served at holidays scattered throughout the season and the chilly weather that keeps us cooped up inside. With the arrival of spring, warmer temperatures and increasing daylight provide us an excellent opportunity to shed those […]

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Half-Dozen Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes You Must Try

Going gluten-free doesn’t mean ditching chocolate chip cookies. The frustration of finding gluten-free recipes for your favorite baked goods has become a thing of the past. Today, many dedicated bloggers and food manufacturers are developing and sharing the best recipes they can for those who forgo gluten. After all, their audience is growing. With an […]

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Easy Vegan Chickpea Soup for the Slow Cooker

This soup provides a protein punch for a cold winter’s day. It’s simple; it’s healthy; and it’s even vegan. Toss it in the crockpot. Let it sit. Enjoy!   Easy Vegan Chickpea Soup for the Slow Cooker Serves 8   Ingredients Extra virgin oil oil 1 onion, diced 6 garlic gloves, diced 3 14 oz. […]

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