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The 8 Most Common Food Allergies and Signs You May Have One

If it seems like more people are being diagnosed with food allergies, it isn’t just your imagination. Food allergies are, indeed, on the rise—however, researchers have not yet discovered why.[1] Maybe you even suspect you might be among the estimated 15 million Americans who have one.[2] Experiencing allergic reactions to food can be frightening and […]

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green vegetables fit together to shape a heart

5 Healthy, Green Foods That Can Do Your Body Good

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, which means a lot of people are embracing the color green, even in what they consume. Because we at Best Health love a good theme, we want to help you think beyond seasonably available green shakes. Check out five shamrock-shaded fruits, vegetables, nuts and drinks working into your celebration. And, for […]

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stethoscope next to a heart-shaped plate full of fruits and grains

14 Tips for a Heart-Healthy Diet

Culinary indulgences can be abundant in the winter months, especially in February when celebrating Valentine’s Day often means going out for rich meals. But February also happens to be American Heart Month, a time to raise awareness about heart disease and how it can be prevented.[1] And, “a healthy diet and lifestyle are your best […]

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Coconut Oil

Is Coconut Oil Good for Your Health, Your Heart?

In recent years, it seems society’s gone crazy for coconut oil. You may have noticed everyone from celebrity doctors to your Facebook friends touting it as a life-changing superfood. Food marketers highlight this ingredient on packaging. Consumers purchase it by the jar for use as cooking oil, to consume raw and even to apply topically. […]

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Fruits and Veggies

Need to Eat More Fruits, Veggies? Shop In-Season

Fruits and vegetables represent a big part of a healthy diet. These foods contain a number of nutrients under-consumed by Americans, including folate, magnesium, potassium, dietary fiber, and vitamins A, C and K.1 Furthermore, they’ve been associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer prevention.2 Though we know it’s important, many of us […]

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A Healthy Thanksgiving Meal

5 Delicious and Healthy Recipes to Try Out This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday often associated with overindulgence. It is one of the few times each year one can gorge to the point of bursting without feeling guilt. But just because you plan on scarfing down a lot of food next Thursday doesn’t mean every dish on the table has to be a fatty, sodium-packed, […]

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Handing Out Healthier Candy On Halloween

Healthier options that are still a ‘treat’ for your trick-or-treaters

Considering Halloween revolves around the acquisition and consumption of candy, it seems nearly impossible to put a healthy spin on the holiday. At least not without coming off as a villain: do you really want to be notorious throughout the neighborhood as the household that hands out dried apricots on Halloween? Probably not. Just because […]

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How Much Salt is Too Much? A Look at Recommended Sodium Intake

Salt may enhance the taste of foods or make the ones we dislike a little more tolerable, but we all know too much can be harmful to our health. Consuming too much sodium has been linked to increased risk for heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke, among other conditions. A high-sodium diet may be […]

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Feeling Anxious? 4 Stress-Fueling Foods and Beverages to Avoid

We’ve all heard the cliché, “You are what you eat.” It’s often used because it’s true. Studies show that what we consume impacts our physical and emotional state. If you are feeling stressed and anxious, here are some foods and beverages that may make matters worse, even though they are often the same things we […]

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How to Eat Your Way to Better Results at the Gym

When it comes to your body, there is a lot of truth to the old adage, “you get out of it what you put into it.” Diet plays a huge role in determining how we feel and how well our bodies function day in and day out. This maxim certainly applies to exercise; the food […]

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