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Spring Time

8 Ways to Rehab Your Diet This Spring

In the winter months, whether it be due to the feast-filled holidays or cold-weather-induced cravings, may of us turn toward rich and often less-nutritious foods. They might offer comfort, but they also tend to come with a helping of extra weight and a dash of lethargy. Come spring, we tend to feel ready for a […]

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Does Turkey Make You Sleepy

The Great Thanksgiving-Tryptophan Myth

Chances are you have heard the commonly cited explanation for why so many of us feel like taking a nap on Thanksgiving afternoon. The prevailing wisdom pins the blame on tryptophan, an amino acid that is in great quantity in the main dish of the day, turkey. Considering that the body uses it to produce […]

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How Much Salt is Too Much? A Look at Recommended Sodium Intake

Salt may enhance the taste of foods or make the ones we dislike a little more tolerable, but we all know too much can be harmful to our health. Consuming too much sodium has been linked to increased risk for heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke, among other conditions. A high-sodium diet may be […]

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Tips From One Who Knows—How to Make a Healthy Switch to a Vegan Diet

Thinking about going vegan? Whether you are considering eliminating animal products from your diet or are simply curious about what it might be like to become vegan, you certainly have lots of questions. Why would anyone become vegan? Is it healthy? Can I still cook my favorite meals? Where can I find meat substitutes? Do […]

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7 Tips for a Safe, Successful Spring Detox

Many of us embrace spring-cleaning rituals that put our homes and lives in order. By scrubbing, purging and tidying up, we ceremoniously say farewell to winter and welcome warmer. We also tend to spring clean our bodies as the weather gets nicer. Increased exercise, healthier eating, and spring detox diets and cleanses are common this […]

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GF Chocolate Chip Cookies

Half-Dozen Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes You Must Try

Going gluten-free doesn’t mean ditching chocolate chip cookies. The frustration of finding gluten-free recipes for your favorite baked goods has become a thing of the past. Today, many dedicated bloggers and food manufacturers are developing and sharing the best recipes they can for those who forgo gluten. After all, their audience is growing. With an […]

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lactose intolerance_dairy free

6 Signs You Might Be Lactose Intolerance—And 6 Things You Can Do About It

Have you noticed that consuming dairy products causes you bodily discomfort? You might be lactose intolerant. If so, you join the ranks of approximately 30 million to 50 million Americans, according to; that’s about 1 in 10. Lactose intolerant individuals cannot digest or insufficiently digest the sugar found in milk and dairy products—lactose. The reason? […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Gluten Sensitivity

People are more aware of gluten than ever, little surprise considering its status as the latest object of enmity among conscientious food buyers. The surging demand for gluten-free foods is apparent in grocery stores and restaurants nationwide, as an increasing number of people attribute a wide range of symptoms to gluten sensitivity. Although it undoubtedly […]

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DASH diet_low sodium

DASH – A Diet for a Healthier Lifestyle

What diet consistently out-ranks the Mediterranean, Weight Watchers, and the Mayo Clinic diets in an annual evaluation?  DASH—the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. For three years in a row, DASH has topped US News & World Report’s “Top-Rated Diets Overall.” It’s even government-endorsed and included in the American Heart Association’s recommendations for managing blood pressure […]

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Paleo—a diet stuck in the stone age

In recent years more and more people have taken their dietary habits back to the Stone Age. The Paleo diet follows a simple premise: Eat like the cavemen. Based on the pre-agricultural revolution hunter-gatherer diet of more than 10,000 years ago, this way of nourishment embraces natural, whole, unprocessed foods. What it is The Paleo […]

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