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10 Top Benefits of Walking

If you are looking to get more active this season, consider adding daily walks to your routine. While it may seem less rigorous than sports like running, walking can be a great way to get exercise. You can do it most anywhere and fit it in when you don’t have much time. All it takes […]

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Taking a walk

Walk This Way Toward A Healthier New Year

You may have neither the time nor the means to hit the gym, but for the sake of your health, at least take a stroll on a regular basis! This piece of advice is based on the findings of a recent study. The study, published recently in the online journal PLOS One, found that people […]

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10 Simple Ways You Can Keep Active at Work

For most of us, a large portion of a normal weekday is spent at work. A typical workday for many –including yours truly– consists of long stretches of sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen. If you work full-time, this translates into 40 hours worth of immobility every week. With the rise […]

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Start walking!

Standing upright and putting one foot in front of the other — it’s a simple movement, and we do it every day to move around.  As normal and essential as walking may be, it also offers numerous health benefits from stress-management to weight-loss. Why walk? Here are five reasons this often-underrated activity to your life: […]

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