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Bike helmets are part of bike safety for kids and adults

Buying a Bike Helmet 101

Answers to 6 Common Consumer Questions There are essentially two camps when it comes to opinions on bike helmets: You should wear one, or you don’t really need to bother. Those who don’t wear them offer many reasons: they don’t do much; they are ugly; they are uncomfortable; the list goes on. Yet, studies—many of […]

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man smiling with bike helmet on

Ready to Ride? How to Decide What Kind of Bike You Should Buy

About 53 percent of U.S. households have a bicycle.[1] Are you thinking about joining their ranks? If so, you could be making a smart move for your health, fitness and wellbeing. Riding a bike regularly can improve your physical and mental health in numerous ways. It can decrease your risk of coronary heart disease, reduce […]

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women in a yoga class making a circle with their hands while in child's pose

4 Common Types of Yoga … And 4 of the More Unusual

If you are interested in trying yoga or practicing a new form of it, you have probably realized that the ancient discipline comes in many forms. Many types of yoga common in the United States are rooted in tradition, while others are very modern twists on the classic practice. Classic yoga styles Because these are […]

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3 Cardio Workouts to Put the Passion Back Into Your Fitness Routine

At the end of the day, fitness really should be fun. But sometimes it isn’t. Life gets busy, and we squeeze in whatever we can, not necessarily what we love. Eventually, our go-to workouts can get stale … really, really stale. Who’s taken a run on the treadmill and wondered how a minute can suddenly […]

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10 Simple Ways You Can Keep Active at Work

For most of us, a large portion of a normal weekday is spent at work. A typical workday for many –including yours truly– consists of long stretches of sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen. If you work full-time, this translates into 40 hours worth of immobility every week. With the rise […]

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Feeling Blue? Get Your Body Moving!

We all know that exercise does a body good. What many of us seem to forget is the extent to which exercise can help improve our mood. Among the reasons we visit the gym, the desire to shed some pounds and minimize our risks of developing heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes usually acts […]

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How to Eat Your Way to Better Results at the Gym

When it comes to your body, there is a lot of truth to the old adage, “you get out of it what you put into it.” Diet plays a huge role in determining how we feel and how well our bodies function day in and day out. This maxim certainly applies to exercise; the food […]

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Getting real about getting fit

There are many reasons to get fit; health, stress-relief, increased energy, and weight-loss are just a few of them. However, just thinking about exercise makes some of us grumpy. Carrying around emotional scars from school gym class, dreading the work it takes, or feeling clueless about where to begin can stop the process before it […]

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Stay home, get fit

Living well means being active. It means, according to the CDC’s Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, moving your body each week. For basic health benefits, the recommendation is — a total of at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity in a week and muscle-strengthening activities on at least two days. We’re a nation of under-exercised people. […]

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Physical activity for adults

Be Active Your Way A Guide for Adults Wondering about how much activity you need each week? Want to get physically active but not sure where to begin? Already started a program and would like tips on how to keep it up or step it up? Then this booklet is for you. Read how you […]

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