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Half-Dozen Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes You Must Try

Going gluten-free doesn’t mean ditching chocolate chip cookies. The frustration of finding gluten-free recipes for your favorite baked goods has become a thing of the past. Today, many dedicated bloggers and food manufacturers are developing and sharing the best recipes they can for those who forgo gluten. After all, their audience is growing.

With an increasing awareness about celiac disease, more people are identifying and being diagnosed as such, requiring them to follow a gluten-free diet—the disease’s only treatment. Many others omit gluten from their diet because they believe it leads to improved health and wellness.

One in 133 Americans has celiac disease, according to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, which also estimates that 85 percent of people with the disease are undiagnosed.

We’ve scoured the web for the absolute best gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipes out there. While there are endless options, we’ve narrowed them down to half a dozen to get you started. A few of them may even be enjoyed by those who are lactose-intolerant and dairy-free, have soy and/or allergies, and/or follow a vegan diet.

 1.    Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Chunk CookiesGluten-Free Goddess

From one of the most popular and informative gluten-free blogs, these decadent cookies employ dark chocolate to add a sophisticated twist on a classic. Bonus: This recipe is also free of dairy, egg, soy and nuts.

2.    Chewy, Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip CookiesLand O Lakes

If you seek simplicity and minimal special ingredients, try this highly rated recipe.

3.    Gluten-Free Toll House Chocolate Chip CookiesAdventures of a Gluten-Free Mom

If you long for that traditional gold standard cookie recipe, try this adaptation. Heidi, the gluten-free mom behind these adventures, adds helpful notes alongside ingredients and steps so your batch turns out satisfactory every time.

 4.    Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip CookiesCookie and Kate

Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, just the way you like them. This blogger describes these cookies as “full of rich chocolate and caramel-like flavors. The pictures accompanying this recipe alone make it worth checking out.

5.    Gluten Free, Dairy Free Chocolate Chip CookiesSarah Bakes Gluten Free Treats

Another great option when those you plan on sharing with a crowd whose diets includes the dairy-free and gluten-free varieties. Coconut oil replaces butter in this adaptation for a taste you’ll rave about. This one includes oats, so be sure to buy the gluten-free variety.

6.     Gluten-Free and Vegan Chocolate Chip CookiesFork and Beans

No eggs. No gluten. No dairy. These cookies accommodate. They look like the cookies your remember from childhood, only these temptations agree with your current lifestyle.

Before you bake

Note that gluten-free baking is not a matter of swapping one kind of flour for another. When making gluten-free goods, you will need a few special ingredients, so read these over carefully before hitting the grocery store. You may need to add items such as millet flour, nut flours, guar gum, oats, potato starch, sorghum flour, and xanthan gum, to your list, to name a few. For a more extensive list and explanation of these ingredients, see this guide from PCC Natural Markets.

If it’s your first attempt at gluten-free baking, or you’re striving for improvement, check out these gluten-free baking tips from for help making beautiful, tasty gluten-free treats every time.

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